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View all 1-ply 10 mm 100% wool 101 12 cm 12 inch 12" 13 inch 13" 14 inch 14" 15 mm 2-4 mm 2-Fine 2-ply 2.0 mm 2.25 2.5mm US 1 200m 2020 220 25 mm 3 3 mm 3-light 3-ply 3.0 mm 3.5 mm 3.75mm 30 cm 35 cm 4 4 mm 4 ply 4-medium 4-ply 4.5 mm 4.5-6 mm 4.5mm 4mm 5 5 inch 5 mm 5" 5-bulky 5.5 mm 5mm 6 6 inch 6 mm 6.5 mm 6mm 7 inch 7" 8 inch 8 ply 8" 8-10mm 9 inch 9" A Warm Heart acacia accessories acrylic adventure aero alpaca aluminum amish amour amy adams angora Applique Aran arcylic art arthritis astra baby bag ball ball winder bamboo basics Beehive beginner beginner sock bent bent tip bernat berroco big delight bill birchwood birds blanket blend blocker blue blue faced leicester bluefaced leicester book Books Bottom boye brass Briggs briggs and little Briggs little briggsandlittle british british coloumbia british columbia brittany Brook Farm bryspun bulk bulky buttons buttons of newfoundland cabel cabin cable cable holder cable needle cake canada canadian canadiana card carded cascade Cascade 220 cascade heather cascade prima cascade ultra case Cashmere cashmere tweed celtic centre ChiaoGoo chibi christine christmas chrome chromed chunky circular Class Classic wool clips clover coil wraps colour connector cookie cord Cotton counter counters country cowl cozy bear crafting essentials creative bubble creative comfort crochet crochet hook cubics cushion darning debbie bliss diagonal digital dishcloth dk doll double knit double point double pointed double-point dpn drop drops duck dyeing elegantly embroidery estelle eucalan fabric fade Fade Packs fancy fox felt felting fine fingering fingerless fino five inch flag fleece fleece artist foggy foggy rock form foursquare Freche Freche Freunde Freunde fur garnstudio garter gift gifts gingher glove gloves grandma green hat grip hair hand dyed hand wash handdyed hanger hat hat kit hayfield heather holder Holiday hook hooking hooks interchangable jacquard jar jewel jewelspun jumbo kal kaleido katia key chain kid kid mohair kid silk kids Kidsilk Haze king cole kinki Kinki Amibari kit kitchen kits Kits & Gifts knit knit picks knit red knitting knitting doll knitting needles koigu kpppm Lace lama lanas lanas stop lang large latch leaflet learn learn to knit legrow leicester light light fingering light worsted lily sugar'n cream linen Little local local yarn log long loom loom luxe made right here manos del uruguay MAR09 MAR10 MAR11 markers marl marled martin masham measuring tape medium merino Merino Wool mermaid meta-discontinued metal Metallic mini mini skeins mitten mittens mitts mixed materials mohair natural needle needle threader needles Nether newfoundland nickel nickel plated nickle nickle plated Novita nylon ocean opal options paddy pain patons pattercake pattern patterns pencil kit phildar pillow pineapple pins plastic point polyamide polyester popular pre order preorder pretty warm designs print project bag protectors prym punch punch needle pure wool ragg rainbow rainbow wood regal regia regular rengenwald rengenwald 16 rico rock rose gold Roving row row counter rowan rubber rug rug hooking rug making saltwater sandnes-garn scarf schneeglöckchen Scissor scissors scoop scott scrubbie scrubby self-striping set seven inch sew on sewing shaper shawl Shawls & Wraps shirley shirt silk silver Single point sirdar skivers sleeve slipper slippers snow snuggle snuggly soap sock sock stop sock yarn socks softkut Sole spin spindle spirit chunky spoons sport spring bunnies spring tape St. Patrick's Day stainless steel steel sticks stitch stitch holder stitch holders stitch markers storey straight sudz Suede summer super Super Bulky super fine supersaver superwash superwash wool sw sweater sweet Sweet Blanket Jacquard sweetie swift t-shrit table tag tags takumi tapestry teddy bear tee the wheel company thick threader thumb tip tips toe up tool tools trigger mitt true love tweed twisted two at a time ultra prima uneek unique UNIQUE SEWING universail yarns universal US 19 US 2.5 US 50 varigated Viscose vogue warm heart wash watermelon weaving sticks west west yorkshire west yorkshire spinners wheel winder wire wonder wood wooden wool wool needle wool nylon Worsted wys xl yarn yarn & wool yarn needle yorkshire

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