Phil Spagetthi by Phildar

A. Bruneau

SKU: 1264

This yarn is the result of t-shirt recycling. They are recovered and cut into strips and put in balls. It has the advantage of being thick, elastic and very resistant, making it an ideal yarn for knitting or crocheting quickly. Ideal for fashion accessories (bags, jewelry, wallets) or decor (carpets, baskets, baskets, poufs). Warning: Since this thread comes from the recycling of different T-shirts, you will be able to find variations of compositions, colors and thicknesses between each batch. 

Ball of 400 grams, about 90 to 110 meters
Knitting machine: No Do not wash
Sample 10x10 cm: 9 stitches x 13 rows
Needles # 10 to 12

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