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From the Island of Newfoundland.

Without warm mittens there would be no life or work on the rugged island of Newfoundland. Our saucy weather sees to that! Clever hands have been knitting here for centuries.  Some of our distinctive stitches are known in Britain, Scandinavia, the Baltic, and Atlantic Canada, for our people go to sea.  Two colours of yarn in each row make our mittens twice as warm and twice as beautiful.  Works of art for your hands - that's our Heritage!

"Some Warm Mittens" pattern set includes Diamond Mittens, Big Scottish Diamond Mittens, Poppy's Choice (a child's mitten), and Signal Hill Mittens.

"Round da Bay Mittens" pattern set includes Bell Island Tickle Mittens, Wesleyville Trigger Mitt for Men, Mockbegger Double Gloves fro Youngsters, and Freshwater Bay Gloves for Ladies.

"Smiling Land Mittens" pattern set includes 4 Designs.

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