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The Try It Needle sets gives you the chance to try both our wood and Nickel Plated interchangeable tips in our most common sizes. This set is handy for knitters who already have an interchangeable needle set, but tend to work on multiple projects that require the same common needles sizes. This is also a great gift for new knitters who want to find their favorite needle finish, and buy needles that would work with many types of projects and yarn.


Nickel Plated Knitting Needle Tip
1 - US 7 (4.5 mm)
Radiant or Rainbow Wood Knitting Needle Tip
1 - US 6 (4 mm)
Black Cables
2 total - 1 each of 24" and 40" lengths


Snapped clear vinyl needle case, 4 black end caps, and 1 cable key

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